User Information and Privacy Policy

Last Modified: 07/22/2011

Our User Information and Privacy Policy is provided to help you understand how we protect your privacy and to ensure quality service. This policy provides you with an opportunity to make informed decisions about our company & using our online services. You can also obtain further information, about your privacy & our services by emailing us.

This policy is provided to you by and is solely for the use for our company, web site & services. We do not speak directly for any partners, 3rd parties, such as any other persons which has elected to use our services to advertise, promote or sell any products/services, as well as their respective partners.

One of our top priorities is securing your information. We regularly review our security standards and practices to protect against unauthorized disclosure of sensitive/private information. If we detect unauthorized access or attempts to hack or defraud our system; we will take whatever steps necessary to rectify the issue, prevent future access & to report said instances to the proper authorities.

Privacy is a shared responsibility between our company, partners/companies (which have elected to do business with us) & end users, which use these services. You trust us to support & maintain our online services, and you have a right to feel confident that we are responsibly managing the information flowing through our systems. At the same time, there are things you may need to do to help protect your privacy, such as knowing what information is on your system, understanding the choices you have about the use of your information, protecting your username/password & other sensitive information. This may be accomplished by installing additional security software, installing upgrades or patches, performing regular security audits of your system &/or hiring qualified personal to help maintain your systems.

Responsible use of information is critical. Information is important for meeting your current & future online needs, while still providing consistent quality services. Information is also a source of new ideas. The more we understand about you, the better we can recommend products and services, create new service opportunities, and help you manage your information &/or account(s).

We must meet expectations for privacy while still managing this information to conduct our business and to serve you. Information must be shared to fulfill your requests, deliver products and services, administer and update accounts, reduce fraud and other risks, and to comply with laws and regulations. We will under no circumstances do anything to jeopardize your privacy or to directly disobey local, federal &/or international laws.

Information Tracking

We use our server log files to help diagnose problems with our services and to administer our web site. Your IP address is stored in these logs & is used to gather demographic & usage information. We use this information to better serve your needs, address problems, improve our services & to better target advertising. These server logs & the information obtained from them, will not be sold, distributed or shared with any 3rd parties.

Please also note that our site also uses Google Analytics to gather additional broad demographic information, for discerning web site usage patterns and trends. Information collected/shared with Google Analytics are subject to the Terms & Usage Conditions policies stated on Google's web site.

External Links

This site links to other 3rd party web sites and plug-ins. We will not be held responsible for the privacy practices, security or content of said sites/plug-ins.

Privacy Policy It is the policy of to not sell or distribute your personal information with any 3rd parties, except with end users, merchants &/or companies you have elected to do business with. As such is not liable or responsible for any misuse of private information taken from end user's accounts. It is the responsibility of the end user to use discretion when obtaining &/or using any information stemming from any private information located within his/her account.

It is also the policy of to not attract, encourage, solicit or knowingly accept requests or do business with any persons under the age of 18. If any end user or account is controlled by or found to have subscribed by any person under this age, we will cancel their account immediately, refund funds if necessary &/or contact the necessary authorities as needed.

Spam, the use of large bulk unsolicited email & any use of questionable marketing practices to attract new marketing/sales leads will not be permitted for any end user, partner or company which has elected to interact with our site. It is up to the personel of to discern what is acceptable & what are not acceptable marketing practices. Any accounts, which have been found to be using Spam or questionable marketing practices, will be immediately canceled. If a pay service happened to be used, unused time &/or any additional funds will not be refunded under this condition.

Any questionable site content, including beastiality & sexually oriented content, will not be permitted within our services. It is up to the personal of to discern what is acceptable & what is not acceptable site content. Any accounts found in violation of this policy will be immediately cancelled. Unused time &/or any additional funds will not be refunded under this condition.

Any illegal or misuse of this site &/or its services are the liability & responsibility of the end user, merchant &/or company's customers using said services. will not be held liable for any actions or results from using, purchasing, shipping &/or billing from said partners, merchants &/or companies, for their products &/or services. All end users are responsible for their own account administration, usage & technical support. will not answer any questions in regards to any partner's or merchant's products or services, unless otherwise indicated by our company.

Account Cancellation

It is our policy to not prevent or stop any end user from canceling their account(s) with our company & services. This simply gives end users the option to cancel their account at any time. It is policy of our company to simply be notified via email on such an event. Upon receipt of such email, our company will deactivate the account's password & stop any recur billing (if applicable), credit any unused time (if applicable). We can also remove service data/files from our system related to said account, upon request. Once an account has requested cancellation, there is no recourse.

Account Information Changes

It is our policy to allow end users to easily change most of their information using our online interfaces and services. However, some information may be inaccessible at the account level. In such a case, our staff simply needs to be notified via email of your change request. At which time, we will assist you in addressing that matter. We respectfully request no secure information be provided via email, such as credit card numbers or passwords, as email is not a secure medium to send information through the Internet. If you need to send us sensitive information, please contact us before sending, so we can address necessary security concerns & issues.

Terms & Agreements As a end user, you may be provided with or have choosen a username/password, which uniquely identifies you with us &/or with any partners we work with. Such information is intended to remain private and only known to those whom are intended to use it. The security of our services or system you selected to use/subscribe for depends upon your correct usage/storage of said access information. Please properly store this information & prevent others from obtaining it. If this information should become available to others, you may bear responsibility for the actions of others who use this information to illegally access our systems &/or services.

Should you become aware of or have reason to suspect that your unique identifiers have been lost or has been disclosed to someone other than yourself, you should immediately notify our staff, so we can assist you in changing your information &/or properly securing your account from illegal access.

Under no case or in any way shape or form is any of this site's images, slogans, phrases, HTML/JavaScript/PERL coding, services, interfaces, 2D or 3D content or files to be used, copied, stored, reproduced, redistributed, published or printed without direct consent from reserve the right to update, change, or modify these terms and agreements at any time. Changes will be effective immediately and must be adhered to by all end users, partners, companies & consumers using this site & its services.

In using this site's services and features, you agree to the above information, policies & agreements. All offending end users, partners, compaines &/or accounts will be cancelled, refunded (if necessary), reported to the proper authorities and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about the above statements, the practices of our company, or your dealings with this site, please contact our staff.