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  • • Simple To Use
  • • Easy To Remember
  • • Fast To Type
  • • Points To Your URL
  • • Long Term Accessible
  • • Advanced Features
  • • No Plug-Ins/Add-Ons Needed
  • • IT'S 100% FREE!!!

Beyond The Norm

We are looking beyond the basics, so expect more features from us.


We think about how and why people use such services online. To that end, we strive to apply efficient, effective, engaging, error tolerant and easy to learn - multi-faceted characteristics to our service's usability. If you are looking for something more then just a basic link shortening service, ours is the one you want to try...

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Can't remember that link to a site or product?

Hate giving people URLs that are waaaay to long to type?

If the URLs are so long they word-wrap in your emails, they are too long.

Try out our new simple URL link shortening site, URLHITCH.COM. It's features are accessible to members & registration is FREE! Easily manage URLs & links to popular sites or to that special URL you can never remember. Make it easy to send people URLs in emails, webpages, text messages, IMs or within sales material. Use URLHitch with our QR Code service to make sending URLs simple. So why not stop in & see what we can do to help simplify your long URL issues. What have you got to lose, it's 100% free...

What is URL Hitching?

URL Hitching is our way of shorten long links & URLs to something more simple to manage, faster to type & easier to remember. We are similar to many of the other link shortening servies on the web - just better...

How do I shorten a URL?

The basic process is very simple. Register for FREE online. Login to your account. Enter the URL you want to shorten. Click on the Submit button & you are done. You will be presented with the shortend URL (what we call a hitched URL). You can copy and paste it anywhere you'd like to share it.

For advanced users, optional settings are availble to further refine how the hitched URL works.


• Multiple Redirect Methods Offered
(301, Form GET & Form POST)
• User Defined or Random Codes
• Easily Manage Multiple URLs
• Stats On Each Links Usage
• Password Protection Ability
(require password for redirection)
• Expiration Ability
(invalidate on specific date)
• Use Limit Ability
(invalidate after specific # of uses)
• Tempory Link Ability
(delete link after single use)
• Create QR Codes